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Our experience allows us to carry out work of the highest standard. We are a multi faceted company with skills diversifying in every area of construction.

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Our experience allows us to carry out work of the highest standard. We are a multi faceted company with skills diversifying in every area of construction. Over the last 30 years we have been providing building services in the South Wales and Cardiff area. Originally founded in West Wales the 1st STOP team grew and settled in the South East Wales region of the country. This increased the amount of larger work that was available.



Our capacities give us the freedom of executing project of various sizes. From small personal projects to building mega build of grand scale. We even go as far to say we can build you a house. Our mission is to connect homeowners with a construction company that cares about high quality coupled with the durability of work that will last for many years to come. By instilling this mission on our business we bring about a culture of quality.

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During our consultation we will recommend you various ways in which we can carry out your project. We listen to your ideas more importantly and deliver what you want. Our vision is to provide South Wales with the best possible service to our customers. We will do this by recruiting the very best contractors and working with local education authorities to recruit apprentices to help the next generation of builders come through.

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Our Cardiff Builders

Over the last 30 years we have been operating in the South Wales area. Our builders in Cardiff are trained to the highest of standards and complete all work to the best of their ability. Our builders in Cardiff strive for the ultimate goal, and that is one of satisfaction and quality. So why choose us? We have completed hundreds, if not thousands of projects over our 30 years of operation, from big to small projects however we will always be the best in Cardiff and we strive for that year on year.

Cardiff & South Wales

We are based in Cardiff, along the South Wales coast & the Welsh Valleys and we will complete any work within that given area. Building construction is our passion and we have a long history in the South Wales area completing over 65% of our work here. We love the flat lands and sea views of the Penarth and Barry area, with the hustle and bustle of Cardiff to the high bumpy hills and mountains of the South Wales Valleys be safe in the knowledge that we can provide all our services within these areas.

Our Building Remit

We get this question over and over again. Here at 1st STOP Building & Maintenance we are a multi-faceted company and what we mean by this is what we can carry out all manner of work. From glamorous kitchen installations in the Cardiff and Penarth area to the landscaping work in the Caerphilly area we can do it all. The main activities here at 1st STOP Building & Maintenance are extensions, patios, roofing, extensions, loft conversion and much more. Scroll further down for more information on what we can do for you.


This kitchen you see was a lovely quaint installation in the Thornhill area of Cardiff. All our kitchen installations are of superior quality and we take our time in putting this together. Kitchens are the focal point of any home and we understand this, thus we prepare our installation the way it should be, with the ultimate care it deserves. Our kitchen installations in Cardiff, Penarth, Barry, Caerphilly & The Welsh Valleys are the highest quality you can receive, guaranteed. We can use the best materials for you or you can choose what you would like and we can just turn up to fit it all in.

House Maintenance

We can provide you with a great house maintenance service in Cardiff, Penarth, Barry, Caerphilly and all the Welsh Valley towns dotted around the country. Our house maintenance service is a lovely option to have for a period property, a lovely aged property that just needs some tender loving care, or a Bute style terraced house (the ones with the bay windows) in the Cardiff area that may need some repairs here and there. Maintaining your house is an important procedure as we all use houses in different ways but overall it reduces the risk of disrepair. Just like your car and boilder, maintenance is a must.

House Extensions

Extensions are a great way to increase the square footage of your property whilst in some cases actually increasing the overall value of your home. Over the past 30 years we have seen the technology change, the pace of extension completions increase and overall what you can do with an extension has also surpassed what we could have done 30 years ago. We can do a manner of house extensions in Cardiff, Barry, Penarth and the Welsh Valleys. The most popular at the moment is a kitchen extension with tri or bi folding doors, this gives a lovely open plan feel. View our Extension page in our services tab to view the finished product.

Bathroom Fitters Cardiff

Here at 1st STOP we have been very lucky to have been involved in numerous lovely bathroom installations, from big to small, to high budget and low budget we can carry out any bathroom installations in Cardiff, Penarth, Barry and The Welsh Valleys. We can design you a lovely bathroom or you can choose and we will just install it. We really enjoy fitting bathrooms, the image above was our favourite project.

Garage Conversions

For some home owners having a garage is not a necessity and is actually seen as a wasted space that could be utilised in other great ways. Over the years we have converted some really nice garages into living spaces that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Most recently we turned a north Cardiff garage into a lovely bespoke kitchen and cloakroom adding a raised roof and Velux windows for that extra bit of sunlight. Our garage conversion specialists in Cardiff are here to help.

Roof Repairs Cardiff

Roofing is one of those things that seem to go wrong at the worst time. Now this is not a coincidence but roofing tiles do break down. We have been carrying out roofing repairs for over 2 decades now and in that time we have conducted roofing jobs on small terraced houses to conducting a roofing project on a factory roof. Our roofers in Cardiff, Penarth, Barry & The Welsh Valleys will all take their time and carry the work out to their best ability.

Patio Fitters Cardiff

Patios can transform the way your garden looks and can add to the overall feel of the home. Our patio experts can make your garden look like a first class hotel garden using the best materials they can find. We have completed hundreds of patios all of which transform the house in one big swoop. First impressions always matter and a patio can really enhance this

Landscapers in Cardiff

Our team consists of expert landscapers who are able to maintain any commercial to domestic property to the highest professional standard in Cardiff. We can transform any property or landscape with our expert techniques and we will always give any outdoor location tender loving care. Lawn maintenance, flowers, large fields, weeding services are just some of the landscaping services we can provide you.


Our builders in Cardiff found themselves as not just builders but people to turn to for advice. Here are our TOP 5 Do It Yourself tips for a successful DIY job.

ASK QUESTIONS – When you walk into a place like B&Q the shear amount of products on offer can be daunting to someone who is not from the construction trade. Why not settle these nerves and anxieties by asking a member of staff for advice. Our builders in Cardiff suggest seeking out help on the shop floor. TAKE PICTURES – This might sounds like a strange request but using your mobile phone to take snaps of what has broken in your house or what needs repairing can be a really good referencing point for the staff at any hardware store. This can reduce wasted journeys back and forth. DON’T START LATE IN THE DAY – We suggest you start as early as possible and we have learnt this lesson over the 30 years of trading. If something goes wrong and you need a part at 8pm on a Saturday this may prove tricky to say the least. Always set a timing schedule. CHOOSE SMALL TASKS – Do not and I repeat do not start your DIY project with a massive re floor of your living room, this is dangerous. Start with small tasks to learn from and make mistakes. Smaller successful tasks give you the confidence to tackle other larger tasks. BUY GOOD TOOLS – Do not be tempted by the cheaper alternative. If you invest in good tools they will last you for many years to come. Watch out though when other people use them


Finding a good builder can sometimes be a struggle, of course if you have found us then good job BUT we want to prepare you for finding a builder in Cardiff. It does not have to be a challenge, just follow these steps!

PREPARE A BRIEF Produce a written brief stating what you want done. Having a plan written on paper is much more beneficial for both parties involved. Remember this is your project thus you are in charge. Have copies to leave with a builder who quotes. GET QUOTES IN Receive quotes from 3 different companies. Our builders in Cardiff would recommend this to our clients just for re assurance. If you get a quote considerably cheaper than ours, ask yourself how they will achieve this without cutting corners? CHECK WHAT IS INCLUDED! Always make sure to understand what is included in the quote. Do not just sign away and pay without fully getting a breakdown of the schedule of work. TALK TO PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS Our builders in Cardiff on some occasions are asked for references of work. Always ask or ask to speak to a previous customer. A company like ours who are reputable would be more than happy to show you. Finding a good building company in Cardiff is not a hard task if you follow these proven steps to getting all the success you want from your building work. We wish you the best of luck.


Kitchens are the epicenter of any family home. With that in mind the long term success of your house as a resalable asset could be compromised by neglecting the style of your kitchen. Our kitchen fitters in Cardiff came up with some handy tips they have implemented to make a newly installed kitchen feel warm and worn in.   – Build a theme is what our kitchen fitters say. Pick objects or colours, things like vegetables or fruit along the lines of kitchen motifs   – Choose an area of your kitchen just for display purposes. Consider decorating an area of the cabinets or arrange your crockery in an appealing manner   – Show off your artwork, away from the sink of course. Even better, hang up your kids drawings around the kitchen, framed of course. What a lovely touch. Our kitchen fitters in Cardiff have seen this work and say it adds real value to the home.   – Use plants to add a sparkle of energy in the kitchen. Benefit from the neutral tones and create a warming and inviting environment for visitors and yourself.


Our builders in Cardiff and the surrounding areas have been cleaning stone for years. It is a job that is actually quite therapeutic. Here are our do it yourself stone cleaning hacks for use on your patios or front driveways. If you have a job you think you may need help with then call us on 02920 291 789  and we can take over.  – Patios need maintenance end of, it will always need a good spring clean. By regularly brushing your patio you will remove any debris and with that seeds that may germinate and root on your patio.   -Make sure to remove any weeds growing on your patio. Weedkiller can be a solution although read the label carefully as to where to put the solution can change.   -Along with a simple clean you may want to power wash your patio. Soap can work wonders to make your patio sparkle one more.   -Always stay on top of sealing any gaps in your patio. Gaps are a great way for weeds to grow. Seal and prevent in the first instance.

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For many people that require a construction task to be carried out, this means worrying about how exactly the job is going to pan out, from a design standpoint and a cost one. As a home-owner, we feel that it is vitally important to give you a general understanding of what to expect when a construction job is completed for you, weather it is commercial or domestic. Of course, nothing can ever go as perfectly as you would like it too, that is life! Within the construction trade, there is such a magnitude of variables that have the potential to go wrong but if you are aware that unexpected problems can arise, it will make you feel much better knowing that it is just part of the building process and issues can occur. Read More —->

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The Dewalt Angle Grinder that does not die...

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A historic Cardiff building, now being turned into rubble.

As most, if not all of the population know the building in question located in the heart of Splott. The new development that has begun on the former University Settlement in Splott, which is causing high levels of distress for residents in the area. Read More —->

Construction in Wales Will Be The Fastest Growing Industry In The UK Until 2020.

We have found out from the CITB that the welsh construction sector hopes to raise 17,500 jobs between 2019 -2020. The Construction Industry Training Board has spent a lot of time doing in-depth research on the construction sector in Wales and the predicted annual growth rate is 7.1%, compared to the rest of the UK construction industry which is a much lesser increase of 2.5% between 2016-2020. Read More —->

Government now urging house-builders to apply for grants to build 'shared' ownership homes.

According to the figures, there is a total of £4.7bn in funding that is up for the taking from the government for house builders in the United Kingdom? Good news, right? There is a catch, the large sum of money that is up for the taking is to allow developers and house-builders to build over 150,000 shared ownership properties. Our builders in Cardiff think that funding of this size could really benefit Wales and the UK hugely. Read More —->

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