Whether you are from London, Cardiff, Gloucester or Leeds. If you are a house-builder or provide other services within the construction industry, you will surely be affected by the vote made by the public for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Weather that decisions is a good or bad one, time will only tell.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has made a statement advising people that he will be supporting house-builders and housing associations as much as possible with the financial turmoil caused by last week’s referendum outcome.

For many people within the United Kingdom’s eyes, voting out of the UK created huge uncertainty and imposed a potential crisis situation within a magnitude of different industry sectors.

The Deputy Mayor of Housing, James Murray, explained that last week’s result, was not the one outcome they wanted, but now that the decision has been made and he has made it clear how vitally important that the construction industry and the housing industry are supported and that they will do everything in the their power to stimulate the industry.

If you are a builder in Cardiff, or London then definitely you may feel affected in the short term and potentially in the long term due to the EU Referendum that took place last week.

Do not be afraid though, the future is not certain and just because the decision of many remain voters did not go in their favour, does not mean the decision will turn out to be a bad one, the time-frame has been far to short for any builders in Cardiff, London, Leeds etc to be worrying right now.

Have some piece in mind knowing that the Mayor Of London in doing his absolute best in reassuring those within the construction industry, that he will fight so the industry is ‘looked after’.


What are your thoughts on the EU Referendum and are you happy with the outcome?

Do you feel that as a Cardiff builder you may be affected by the decision?

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