s most, if not all of the population know the building in question located in the heart of Splott. The new development that has begun on the former University Settlement in Splott, which is causing high levels of distress for residents in the area.

University Settlement Splott

It is such a shame that the University Settlement building is being used this way, I don’t feel it matches its environment and as a Splott resident I am utterly disappointed in the Council for allowing the demolition to go ahead.  Jenny, 44, Splott


The demolition work has begun and the proposed ideas for the historic buildings are that it will be developed into a block of flats. Thousands of people signed a petition which went against the demolition and development.


A property developer plans to replace the building and instead utilise the space to build a block of 36 one and two bedroom apartments. Many of the Splott residents are truly upset with the decision to go ahead with the proposed work and are questioning why the council allowed such work to take place.


The building was built in 1904 and was part of a movement to provide education and culture for the working class. So it is totally understandable that some residents would be frustrated at the plans, our builders in Cardiff certainly think that the building holds a lot of character that has grown over the years.


The building was denied a listing status so the request for developments came in from various people looking to demolish the building and start a fresh, Labour Councillor, Huw Thomas said the council didn’t really have choice to deny the work once the request had come in due to it being refused for having a listed status.


People in Splott have agreed that they need family homes in the area not just a block of bedroom flats and that the building will look extremely out of character within the space of the beloved University building.


What is your opinion on the matter? Do you feel that council should have done more to stop the work? Write a comment below.
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