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Builders in Bridgend

Due to the established name we have acquired over the 30 years of trading as builders in Cardiff. We are proud to advise the people of South Wales that we are able to also provide them with builders in Bridgend. We have quick and efficient builders in Bridgend who can complete any one of the many services we can provide here at 1st STOP. We know we operate with the best builders in Bridgend and you, as a paying customer can always rely on them to provide you with the highest quality service any time a job is completed for you. Whatever the weather our builders in Bridgend will come to rescue for any of your construction needs.


Through the high levels of training and expertise our company provides, our customers are always ecstatic with the high class results our builders in Bridgend can provide them.This is because of the intricate techniques that our builders are taught which ensures that no mistakes are ever made when completing jobs for our customers. Since growing the team to different locations in the South Wales area we are proud that we can now offer our building services, for the best prices to people who need it. If you just look at our testimonials you will see nothing but happy customers that we have provided our building services too from all parts of South Wales. This is because our builders in Bridgend really know what they are doing and will always provide top class work. We know that you will be smiling ear-to-ear once our builders have completed the job for you.

We can complete all types of work, stemming from general construction work around the house or to any of your properties and as detailed as catering for the more specific customer, one that wants bespoke work. Here at 1st STOP we work with other local companies to help us supply the highest quality Bridgend Builders. Our Bridgend building team have years of experience in the trade and by working with other local building companies we can gather the expertise of outside firms which allows for a great experience from start to finish.


If you are a commercial business or just a person looking for a builder in Bridgend then you have come to the right place. Give us a call today to speak to one of the team here at 1st STOP Building Cardiff and we will deal with you straight away, no messing about. Let us prove to you why we are so confident in our team of builders in Bridgend. Our contact number to get through to our office is 02920291789.

When I lived in Cardiff, I used 1st STOP Building to help with my patio and to fit the windows at my house. I then had to move to Bridgend for work reasons, I kept in contact with the owner of 1st STOP and was delighted to hear that he also provides services to Bridgend. I would highly recommend these builders!

Jane Williams, Bridgend


  • 1. Trust: It is vital that when you are choosing builders in Bridgend that you can trust in there abilities to get the job completed to a high standard. Our advice to any client is before choosing a builder in Bridgend or on South Wales to ensure that the company is accredited and to perhaps look at testimonials they have from previous clients to ensure that they are going to provide you with high quality builders.
  • 2. Equipment: At 1st STOP Building Cardiff, we feel that when it comes to selecting equipment that it is vital for any building company to select the best quality products on the market to ensure a 1st class outcome on any job that is completed by our builders in Bridgend. Whatever job we are completing for you, when we go to purchase the tools or material we need to complete your job, you can be sure it will be of the highest quality, at the best prices.
  • 3. Pricing: We know that many builders in Bridgend who don’t have an established name in the building community will inflate prices to try to get more money out of there beloved customers. We give a 100% guarantee to never inflate prices and to price any job that our builders in Bridgend complete for your fairly. Always ensure that when using a builder in Bridgend that if you feel something sounds like it is costing to much to check with a local merchant or just choose us to ensure that you are getting the best builders at the best prices.


  • 1. 83 prisoners of the German Army in 1945 escaped from the Bridgend Island Farm POW camp. This was the biggest ever recording of prisoners escaping from a POW camp. Now the Germans are a clever bunch and they dug tunnels 70 feet deep! They even had electricity and a ventilation pipe made from old milk cans. The bridgend authorities managed to catch them and return them to the camp.
  • 2. Bridgend is one of the fastest growing towns in Wales. In 2001 the census showed that Bridgend had a population of 40,000. In 2011 the population of Bridgend stood at 128,700, that is a rise of 8.2% and is an amazing statistic. What a way to grow and Bridgend has received funding in the past years to cope with this. The Bridgend builders are busy keeping everything maintained and it has become a vibrant town. There is still work to do to bring it up to scratch, about 25 years away but in that time it can be transformed!
  • 3. Lawrence of Arabia was filmed on Merthyr Mawr sand dunes. These sand dunes are magnificent and hold great history. The highly acclaimed film was filmed there for some shooting scenes putting Bridgend on the filming map. Shot back in the 1960’s the film received global success and highlighted the exploits of T.E. Lawrence in the rise of the Arab revolt during the first world war.