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Mayor of London supporting housebuilders during the Brexit situation

Whether you are from London, Cardiff, Gloucester or Leeds. If you are a house-builder or provide other services within the construction industry, you will surely be affected by the vote made by the public for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Weather that decisions is a good or bad one, time will only tell.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has made a statement advising people that he will be supporting house-builders and housing associations as much as possible with the financial turmoil caused by last week’s referendum outcome.

For many people within the United Kingdom’s eyes, voting out of the UK created huge uncertainty and imposed a potential crisis situation within a magnitude of different industry sectors.

The Deputy Mayor of Housing, James Murray, explained that last week’s result, was not the one outcome they wanted, but now that the decision has been made and he has made it clear how vitally important that the construction industry and the housing industry are supported and that they will do everything in the their power to stimulate the industry.

If you are a builder in Cardiff, or London then definitely you may feel affected in the short term and potentially in the long term due to the EU Referendum that took place last week.

Do not be afraid though, the future is not certain and just because the decision of many remain voters did not go in their favour, does not mean the decision will turn out to be a bad one, the time-frame has been far to short for any builders in Cardiff, London, Leeds etc to be worrying right now.

Have some piece in mind knowing that the Mayor Of London in doing his absolute best in reassuring those within the construction industry, that he will fight so the industry is ‘looked after’.


What are your thoughts on the EU Referendum and are you happy with the outcome?

Do you feel that as a Cardiff builder you may be affected by the decision?

Please leave your comments and join the discussion with us here at 1st STOP Building Cardiff?




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Government now urging house-builders to apply for grants to build ‘shared’ ownership homes.

According to the figures, there is a total of £4.7bn in funding that is up for the taking from the government for house builders in the United Kingdom? Good news, right? There is a catch, the large sum of money that is up for the taking is to allow developers and house-builders to build over 150,000 shared ownership properties.

The bidding has begun from the government for its newly reformed share ownership and affordable homes programme, what this aims to do is increase the supple of newly built, shared ownership properties and to create other affordable homes in England by March 2021.

The program is said to make £4.7bn available between 2016 and 2021 to deliver at least 135,000 homes that will be available on a help-to-buy shared ownership scheme. 10,000 of those homes will be available on a rent to buy scheme and 8,000 of them will be for specialised housing.

So what are a few downsides to shared ownership properties…

Maintenance charges

The monthly mortgage repayments, plus rent will still make shared shared ownership far far cheaper than buying a property outright. Of course with everything, there is going to be maintenance charges and our builders in Cardiff will advise clients to take into account the possible increases in the future.

Restrictions on what you are able to do

Our builders in Cardiff would recommend you always check the lease, the reason for this is because usually when it comes to shared ownership houses you are required to get the housing providers permission before any structural altercations are made on the property. In some cases you are also required to advise the housing providers permission before completing any painting or decorating work.

What are your thoughts on a shared ownership property? Let us know below!



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Construction in Wales Will Be The Fastest Growing Industry In The UK Until 2020.

We have found out from the CITB that the welsh construction sector hopes to raise 17,500 jobs between 2019 -2020.

The Construction Industry Training Board has spent a lot of time doing in-depth research on the construction sector in Wales and the predicted annual growth rate is 7.1%, compared to the rest of the UK construction industry which is a much lesser increase of 2.5% between 2016-2020.

The employment in the construction sector is going to apparently hit its peak in 2018 which is going to be 5% more than the peak in 2008.

So, what is it is going to powering these huge boosts in the welsh construction sector? 

As I am sure we all know, there is going to be a lot of major infrastructure projects across the welsh region, one of the main projects is the new nuclear power station at Wylfa and the work there plans to commence in 2019.

For all the Cardiff residents, the other massive construction project is the already developing, Central Square which is based in the heart of the city. This project is estimates to cost £400m by the end of the project and the first building, One Central Square is currently in use by Huw James Solicitors.

The other huge project is the very large prison project expected in Wrexham within the near future, also the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project which is going to be a staggering cost of £1bn.

Think you may need a construction task carried out? Visit our construction page here!


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Cardiff’s Coal Exchange Saved with £40m Hotel Plans


The historical coal exchange building in Cardiff is set to be restored into a £40m luxury 200-suite hotel. 

The disused building was once the crown jewel of Cardiff and hopes to hold weddings and conferences if they are granted the planning permission.

Signature Living who are going to be developing the building into the possible dream hotel have said that they hope to transform the building and make it once again the epicentre of Cardiff City.


According to Signature Living the developments should only take 18 months to complete and and is expected to open later this year.

Cardiff’s Coal Exchange building is truly one for the history books and is considered one of the most historical buildings in Cardiff’s history. It is were the first £1m cheque was first signed and there has been many attempts to recreate the wonderful building, all of which have failed, until now.

This deal now ends years of people who have always wondered  what was going to happen to the beautiful listed building and Signature Living are grateful they are now able to put a stamp on a historic landmark of Cardiff.

Our builders in Cardiff are extremely happy that the beautiful Cardiff building is being used for such work, we feel it will be a fantastic addition to the ever-growing Cardiff city centre and we feel It will a hotel in such a great location would be fantastic for future sporting events.

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A historic Cardiff building, now being turned into rubble.


s most, if not all of the population know the building in question located in the heart of Splott. The new development that has begun on the former University Settlement in Splott, which is causing high levels of distress for residents in the area.

University Settlement Splott

It is such a shame that the University Settlement building is being used this way, I don’t feel it matches its environment and as a Splott resident I am utterly disappointed in the Council for allowing the demolition to go ahead.  Jenny, 44, Splott


The demolition work has begun and the proposed ideas for the historic buildings are that it will be developed into a block of flats. Thousands of people signed a petition which went against the demolition and development.


A property developer plans to replace the building and instead utilise the space to build a block of 36 one and two bedroom apartments. Many of the Splott residents are truly upset with the decision to go ahead with the proposed work and are questioning why the council allowed such work to take place.


The building was built in 1904 and was part of a movement to provide education and culture for the working class. So it is totally understandable that some residents would be frustrated at the plans, our builders in Cardiff certainly think that the building holds a lot of character that has grown over the years.


The building was denied a listing status so the request for developments came in from various people looking to demolish the building and start a fresh, Labour Councillor, Huw Thomas said the council didn’t really have choice to deny the work once the request had come in due to it being refused for having a listed status.


People in Splott have agreed that they need family homes in the area not just a block of bedroom flats and that the building will look extremely out of character within the space of the beloved University building.


What is your opinion on the matter? Do you feel that council should have done more to stop the work? Write a comment below.
If ever you need any construction work to be completed and require builders in Cardiff, give our dedicated team a call on 02920291789 to speak to one our friendly builders in Cardiff.
For all you that are wondering what is happening with the racetrack circuit that was proposed in Ebbw Vale, Wales. Check out the blog on 


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The Dewalt Angle Grinder that does not die…


workman’s tools probably lead the hardest life in the construction industry. I think as most builders will agree, having good tools is one of the most important aspects of your construction business. They give you confidence in preparation and will always provide better results rather than using a lesser quality.


Angle grinders especially have a hard life, so when Dewalt began designing and building there 4 and a half inch angle grinders, they took the time to go over all of the weak points and made every effort to strengthen them. Firstly they started on the motor issues, which seems to be a huge cause of concern for Angle grinders, they chose a four field design and used 40% more copper than they had previously. What this does is produce a much stronger magnetic field whilst still providing great efficiency at a much cooler temperature.
Now, because the motor is stronger, the user can expect and rely on the grinder to do more work without putting too much pressure on the tool. So, a better motor and less pressure on the tool itself extends the life period of your grinder. Our builders in Cardiff are loving the new changes.


The other fantastic change is the newly designed dust ejection system, this means that a lot more dust is being pushed away from the motor. Much more clean air is passing through the motor and that reduces the chance of wear-inducing particles and increasing the cooling speed. That is one of the fantastic thing that Dewalt seems to boast so much, the cooling aspect. We have used so many small grinders in the past that are sometimes far to hot to even hold and thankfully, it finally seems like that issue has been rectified.



 Check out some of Dewalts fantastic stock by visiting there website  here —->


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 For any construction projects you require, check out or page to get  through to the best builders in Cardiff —->




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What is ‘Thirsty’ Concrete and Why is it Beneficial?

I am sure many of us haven’t even heard of ‘Thirsty Concrete’ and I am here to explain exactly what it is and why it is so beneficial to places with harsh weather conditions and generally to prove that it may be a better option for all round construction workers to use. Just like energy efficient innovations such as spray foam insulation for the home and buildings, thirsty concrete is an innovation for the environment that could prevent the consequences of natural water disasters.

So what is it?

Well ‘Thirsty Concrete’ has been developed by a building material company called Tarmac, they have managed to develop a concrete compound that has the capability of absorbing up to 4000 litres of water inside 60 seconds!

That is quite a crazy figure when you thinking of the flooding issues that can occur due to poor drainage systems…

The concrete works by having a permeable later on the top, this then allows all the water to drain quickly through a funnel of large pebbles and then will flow to a very loose base of rubble underneath.
Now let me explain why this benefits not only the UK building companies, but also for the greater community of people who live within it.

Firstly, flooding issues would DRASTICALLY be reduced, if every single road, car park etc. used this particular concrete, how many calls do you think we would have about flooding issues? My thoughts are not many…

Two-thirds of UK homes that were damaged in the drastic 2007 floods were due to water running from pavements and the inadequate draining systems that we had in the UK at the time. If this particular concrete was used within the large construction community that we have here, then we can be sure that the flooding issues that could occur would be seriously reduced.

Here at 1 STOP Building Cardiff our builders in Cardiff think that its a great idea to use a Tarmac such as this and in future we are looking at using this fantastic concrete. Check out or website at or give us a call today on 02920291789 to speak to one of our team if you require any construction projects to be carried out in Cardiff and South Wales.


Check out the video below to see exactly what we are talking about!




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For many people that require a construction task to be carried out, this means worrying about how exactly the job is going to pan out, from a design standpoint and a cost one. As a home-owner, we feel that it is vitally important to give you a general understanding of what to expect when a construction job is completed for you, weather it is commercial or domestic.


Of course, nothing can ever go as perfectly as you would like it too, that is life! Within the construction trade, there is such a magnitude of variables that have the potential to go wrong but if you are aware that unexpected problems can arise, it will make you feel much better knowing that it is just part of the building process and issues can occur.


Decisions, decisions, decisions! Many of us do not like making them, I know I sure don’t. Although within the construction industry, making decisions in a timely manner allows your builder in Cardiff to keep the project on a tight schedule. Now, most decisions are made prior to any work being carried out, but if there is something that you need to raise to your builder, do it promptly, this will allow them to also make a decision on the next best step to take.


The bit that we all hate, the money talk! In most cases, construction projects can prove costly, but to ensure high quality and a great end product we understand that construction projects do require a decent amount of funding. I know, I know. The last thing anyone wants to speak about is money but to ensure you are getting the best service possible, don’t always go for the cheapest option as it may come back to haunt you in the long run!



Now you have a bit more information and can comfortably say that you understand what is required from you when a construction project begins, we hope that your confidence levels have now began to rise. Here at 1st STOP Building Cardiff we are proud to be able to run over everything with you and the teams we operate with are truly experts in the field. Check out our website at or feel free to give us a call on 02920291789 and we can speak in detail about your construction project.

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