workman’s tools probably lead the hardest life in the construction industry. I think as most builders will agree, having good tools is one of the most important aspects of your construction business. They give you confidence in preparation and will always provide better results rather than using a lesser quality.


Angle grinders especially have a hard life, so when Dewalt began designing and building there 4 and a half inch angle grinders, they took the time to go over all of the weak points and made every effort to strengthen them. Firstly they started on the motor issues, which seems to be a huge cause of concern for Angle grinders, they chose a four field design and used 40% more copper than they had previously. What this does is produce a much stronger magnetic field whilst still providing great efficiency at a much cooler temperature.
Now, because the motor is stronger, the user can expect and rely on the grinder to do more work without putting too much pressure on the tool. So, a better motor and less pressure on the tool itself extends the life period of your grinder. Our builders in Cardiff are loving the new changes.


The other fantastic change is the newly designed dust ejection system, this means that a lot more dust is being pushed away from the motor. Much more clean air is passing through the motor and that reduces the chance of wear-inducing particles and increasing the cooling speed. That is one of the fantastic thing that Dewalt seems to boast so much, the cooling aspect. We have used so many small grinders in the past that are sometimes far to hot to even hold and thankfully, it finally seems like that issue has been rectified.



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 Credit – http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/tools/a19428/dewalt-angle-grinder/


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