I am sure many of us haven’t even heard of ‘Thirsty Concrete’ and I am here to explain exactly what it is and why it is so beneficial to places with harsh weather conditions and generally to prove that it may be a better option for all round construction workers to use. Just like energy efficient innovations such as spray foam insulation for the home and buildings, thirsty concrete is an innovation for the environment that could prevent the consequences of natural water disasters.

So what is it?

Well ‘Thirsty Concrete’ has been developed by a building material company called Tarmac, they have managed to develop a concrete compound that has the capability of absorbing up to 4000 litres of water inside 60 seconds!

That is quite a crazy figure when you thinking of the flooding issues that can occur due to poor drainage systems…

The concrete works by having a permeable later on the top, this then allows all the water to drain quickly through a funnel of large pebbles and then will flow to a very loose base of rubble underneath.
Now let me explain why this benefits not only the UK building companies, but also for the greater community of people who live within it.

Firstly, flooding issues would DRASTICALLY be reduced, if every single road, car park etc. used this particular concrete, how many calls do you think we would have about flooding issues? My thoughts are not many…

Two-thirds of UK homes that were damaged in the drastic 2007 floods were due to water running from pavements and the inadequate draining systems that we had in the UK at the time. If this particular concrete was used within the large construction community that we have here, then we can be sure that the flooding issues that could occur would be seriously reduced.

Here at 1 STOP Building Cardiff our builders in Cardiff think that its a great idea to use a Tarmac such as this and in future we are looking at using this fantastic concrete. Check out or website at www.jmbuilder.co.uk or give us a call today on 02920291789 to speak to one of our team if you require any construction projects to be carried out in Cardiff and South Wales.


Check out the video below to see exactly what we are talking about!